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Tilta TGA-RCK Remote Control Kit for RS 2 Full Wireless or Wired Control of RS2 Gimbal Compatible with Any Rosette Connection

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Product Description
This remote control kit allows you to control your RS 2 gimbal’s settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera via either a wired or wireless connection. It also includes a thumbstick that allows you to control the pan and tilt of yourgimbal for maximum precision while operating.The Power Supply Base Plate provides power for the RS2 via Gold or V-Mount Batteries and an included P-Tap to 2 Pin Power Cable.The 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads on the bottom of the Base Plate allow you to mount the RS2 to many different systems including the Hydra Alien.The Wireless Receiver Module allows the Handle to control the RS2 up to 80 meters away and the rosette at the base of the handleallows you to attach it to various rosette connections including the optional Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket.

Quick Pairing Wireless Control

Install the remote control module to the NATO connector on the right side of the gimbal.

Operate From Inside The Car

Operate from inside the car with full control. Maximum control distance is 80m.

Wired Control For Optimized Response

Provides more precise control under complex situations such as going through tunnels. Use wired control when equipped with a long distance setup such as a car mount, Russian Arm, etc.

More Protection For Your Camera

Operate from inside the car with full control. Maximum control distance is 80m.

Wireless Focus Control

The left NATO rail on the monitor bracket is compatible with the focus handle and Nucleus Nano hand wheel controller.

Supports Numerous Shooting Setups

Compatible with car mount, dolly, cable cam, Russian Arm, etc.
Main Features
* [FLEXIBLE CONTROL] Full Wireless or Wired Control of the RS2.

* [WIRELESS CONTROL] Operate the RS2 Safely While Inside a Moving Vehicle.

* [FAST SETUP] Quick Pairing via the Wireless Receiver Module.

* [CONSTANT POWER] Operate the RS2 for Longer Durations with Higher Capacity Gold and V-Mount Batteries.

* [COMPATIBLE] with Optional Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket and any Rosette Connection.
Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Sony F570/550
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