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Dufrais Express

M66/66s Portable Outdoor Wireless Omnidirectional Conference Speaker Microphone Speakerphone Conference Microphone

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The third generation voice processing Technology
Smart pickup with 360° high coverage
384ms echo cancellation
Full-duplex call technology
Intelligent dynamic noise reduction
HD audio
In playback mode: 48K playback
sampling rate
Portable microphone and speaker
No need to drive, plug and play
Clear sound quality, no noise and no
Small size, easy to carry




M66 (1)


M66 (2)


M66 (3)


M66 (4)

In addition, M66s can also be used as a
microphone and speaker for computers and smart mobile devices for
music playback, recording, and calls with corresponding functions.


M66 (5)


M66 (6)


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