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Dufrais Express

Folding Makeychainsir Modern Fabric Sofa Livingroom Furniture Bekey Chainal Japanese Gencar Key Accessoriesain Leather 1 Set

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Renew your energy and relax now and enjoy a sense of luxury and comfort with this folding massage chair to feel every moment of comfort and energy.

  • Sturdy metal frame upholstered in luxurious leather
  • Airbags in the back and seat for comfortable and supportive seating
  • Massage rollers in the neck and back for more health and comfort, in addition to a neck pillow in case the user does not want to massage.
  • 3 different massage programs (when pressing the MODE button - in addition to a quick program (DEMO).
  • Possibility to choose a single point or full back massage
  • Equipped with a full-body vibratory massager
  • The possibility of activating the heat with the massage
  • The possibility of controlling the position of the roller in the neck and back from rising and falling in three different areas
  • The possibility of extending the chair up to an angle of 140 degrees
  • Equipped with wheels to facilitate movement
  • The possibility of adjusting the position and fixing it with side handles
  • Easy to carry and move around and does not take up much storage space.
  • Multi-use: it can be used on trips - the garden - the house...
  • 12 volts, 60 watts, 110-240 volts.
  • Country of Origen : China
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