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ZHONG YI OPTICS FreeWalker 20mm F2.0 manual focus super macro camera lens for Canon Nikon Sony Fuji M4 Pentax camera Mount

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Product Description

This is a low magnification microscope head of Zhongyi Optics. It is small, delicate, stable, easy to carry, higher magnification, greater depth of field, and magnification between 4X-4.5X. The skin cavity can reach a super macro of up to 13X. However, this "microscope" does not need to be placed on the microscope, it can be used directly on the SLR camera. Although the closest focusing distance is less than 3cm, the internal flash can be used. This lens does not support infinity photography because it is designed for macro use. The shortest shooting distance is about 120mm.


Features :

Use frame: 35mm frame
Lens type: zoom lens
Focusing method: manual focusing
Focal length: 20mm
Aperture: f / 2 ~ f / 16
Lens structure: 6 elements / 4 groups
Aperture blade: 3 pieces
Maximum magnification: 4.5 times
Lens color: black
Lens size: 62 × 60mm (SLR) 62 × 90mm (no mirror)
Lens weight: 210g (SLR) 290g (no mirror)


packing list

1x official lens package




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