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Dufrais Express

wholesale wireless Switch Controller For Nintend Switch Controller for switch pro wireless joypad

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Product Description
Function parameter
Full function: support one-key wake-up, NFC function, 4-speed adjustment of motor strength,
3-speed adjustment of TURBO speed
*Input voltage/current: DC5V/500mA;
*Working voltage/current: DC3.7V/20mA;
*Maximum working current: <200mA;
*Continuous use time: >10H;
*Charging time: about 2 hours;
*Blue tooth 4.0, transmission distance: ≤8 meters;
*Battery capacity: 600mAh;
*Standby time: 60 days when fully charged;
* Support TURBO continuous hitting function, six-axis gyroscope function, vibration
*Support wireless connection to N-Switch, support wired connection to computer, Android TV;

Notice: Should to Connect before use it. Check the video from our website please.
Please contact us if you need any color.
Otherwise we will send it randomly. Thank you
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