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VILTROX VL-600T 3300-5600K LCD panel LED Ring light for Camera photography make up beauty live anchor show

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2018 NEW !!! VL-600T LED ring light makeup beauty fill light anchor live photography photo lighting shooting lamp

Features :
Power: 45W
Color indication:95RA
Color temperature:3300-5600K
Light illumination:2500Lux/0.5m
Lamp number:196(3300K)+196(5600k)
DC power supply:18v/3.5A
lithium battery:2piece F550/F970/F750 Battery

1) Ring design. No shadow fill light, makeup shooting, anchor live, self-filling light, perfect wedding photography light applications 45W high power highlight, suitable for any beauty occasion

2) Two-color temperature is freely adjustable, LCD screen is accurately adjusted, brightness is accurate to 1%

3) Remote control adjustment, FSK 2.4G wireless control, 6-channel 19-channel long-distance precise control

4) According to the distance of the lights, the ring effect of the people or objects in the circle is formed, the light is softer, and the light effect is more uniform.

5) The shell adopts ABS environmental protection materials, heat resistance, and tissue burning properties. Flexible and leakproof professional features, better protection of the built-in lamp beads,

6) Longer service life, lighter ABS material, easier carrying

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1 set standard VILTROX VL-600T LED ring light packing