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Real Gold AKS Metal Detector with Filter and Original Case for Silver Gem Diamond Underground Long Range Detect

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Measurement Range
Real Gold AKS Metal Detector with Filter and Original Case for Silver Gem Diamond Underground Long Range Detect
Product Description
Search system
microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity
Search range
Detecting depth
12V 1000-1600mAh
Launch frequency
5.6— 6KHz
Signal frequency
360— 440Hz
Detection type
gold, silver, copper, precious stones
Charging methods
this instrument has installed rechargeable batteries, direct access charger, can charge,charges time 10-12 hours.
Search System: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity and P6FE1M algorithm smart development.
Search Range: up to 5000M
Detecting Depth: up to 70 M
Energy:12v 1600mAh
Launch Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
Package Weight : 3 Kilogram
Detection Type: gold, silver,copper, precious stones.
Shell Material : Aluminium
Adapter Model : KDL-121000
Adapter Input: 100-240V
Adapter Output: 12V 1A
Working Temperature: 0-40

- Used to detect gold, silver, copper, and precious stones
- 6 Antennas help you accurately determine the buried position of an object and position it
- It is also possible to identify the specific type of metal by means of a frequency regulator
- The use of micro-electric processor control chip unit calibration and instrument self-test system can easily scan and detect
quickly, improving the efficiency of the treasure hunter and reduce the labor intensity of detection
- Easy to store and carry with a plastic carry case

When working with this filter, follow the exact usage instructions as follows:
- It is advisable to place the filter on the ground so that the filter stands in a standing position on the ground and when the
antenna is facing up and/or towards the side, but in this case, it is important to be directed to the side of the search. The
searching distance when using this filter should be up to 100 meters from the search appliance.
- If you are moving further away from this distance, you must return and change the filter location on the ground so that it is
within the reasonable distance of the searching.
- The filter has wonderful, accurate and verified detection capabilities 3 times in one second. This algorithm results in great
identification results and probably the best identification results in the world for these substances. The filter has direct
contact with the main device.
- Once you understand how the device works and according to some principles and know its limits, you get accurate results and an
easy and convenient searching.
Friend please check and use the detector outdoor !!
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