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Dufrais Express

Photography studio overhead boom arm dome light rack for soft box lights Tensile height 2.8m

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Product Description
2.8 m Photo Studio Overhead Boom Arm Top Light Stand with Grip Head for Softbox Light
Why chose softbox ?
Shooting videos with only natural light will put a lot of challenges in front of you, and the best way to overcome them is to use
softbox lights. These natural light emulators mimic the natural light by using diffusion panels to make the light look softer and
less artificial.
Softbox lights enable you to direct light to the exact spot in the shot, and they make lighting subjects and particular parts of a
scene much easier. Soft boxes are available in all shapes and sizes at very reasonable prices, and they are a standard part of the
equipment used for the production of YouTube videos.
The boom overhead light provides unobtrusive lighting for your studio set up. Easily rotate the boom arm to get the perfect
angle.Counterweight and sandbag included to help balance the stand.
Boom/Overhead Light (150w)
* Two (2) 32"-83" boom arm
* Two (2) Grip clamp
* Two (2) Sandbag
* Two (2) 210cm/6.9 feet Light stand
* Two (2) 150 Watt 5500k LED Daylight Bulbs
* Two (2) 20"x28" Softbox (Includes Diffuser Cover)
Light Stand Spec.
Extended Length
Folded Length
Center Column #
Tube Diameter
Load Capacity
8 kg
Boom arm Spec.
Extended Length
Folded Length
Tube Diameter
clamp and sandbag
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