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Dufrais Express

Negative Ion Air Purifier

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Looking for an air purifier that is both efficient and portable? Look no further than the Negative Ion Air Purifier! This purifier Releases negative ions around your home to remove dust, smoke, formaldehyde and other airborne pollutants. The Negative Ion Air Purifier is also very power saving, with a smart a chip power saving scheme that is durable. You can also easily control the amount of negative ions released with the one button switch. Additionally, the Negative Ion Air Purifier is widely applicable and can be used in any room in your home. Give your family the gift of clean air with the Negative Ion Air Purifier today!

Color: White, Green, Pink, Black(optional)
Type: EU,US (optional)
Power Supply: AC
Control Method: Push-button
Application Area: 41㎡ (inclusive)-60㎡ (inclusive)


Package Included:
1 * Anion Air Purifier