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GONDOR GD-DC-17 DSLR Camera Cage for Canon 5D Series 5D3/5D4/5D SR Nikon D800/D810/D850 Camera with 15mm rod(No Camera)

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DSLR cage
DSLR cage installation diagram:
Along this direction,insert dovetail plate.
Note:Designed for Canon 5D3/5D4, but also suitable for Nikon D800/D810 and other most of the DSLR machine.
Release NO.2, dovetail plate can move back and forth. At the same time, press the button NO.1, take out dovetail plate.
NO.3 position of the wrench used to lock/ release the rods.
Left/Ring toggle NO.4,release/lock the NO.5 fast baseplate.
Toggle NO.4 to the left,take out the NO.5 fast baseplate.
Take out the NO.5 fast baseplate and then remove or install the DSLR machine.
1. The HD MI protection clamp design on the left side of the SLR machine prevents the HD MI socket from being torn. 2. There are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 10-24 screw holes on both sides of the rabbit cage and the upper top plate, and a stainless steel threaded sheath is added, which is durable. 3. The dovetail card slot design of the upper handle is convenient for disassembly and assembly without tools. 4. With quick-release plate, it is convenient to disassemble and assemble the machine; with dovetail bottom plate, the front and rear center of gravity of the kit can be adjusted. 5. This SLR rabbit cage is suitable for Canon 5D series models, but also for Nikon D800/D810/D850 models; Nikon Z6/Z7 models; Most SLR machines such as Panasonic GH5 series, Panasonic S1 models; Sony A7 series models.
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