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Dufrais Express

gold detector 10 meter depth gold detector underground finder machine

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The Gold Range Plus-100 is an excellent gold and silver dollar search tool. Made using imported technology. In addition to the above features, the most prominent feature of this product is that it can directly select the type of metal (if you want to explore gold, you can explore gold, if you want to explore silver, you can explore silver), allowing you to easily find useful metals. This is a function that other similar products in China do not have. With this detector, you can embark on treasure hunting activities in more places, searching for gold, silver, copper, and gemstones. Product parameters: Search range: 1-99 meters Detection depth: 1-16 meters Battery: 12V Detection type: gold, silver, copper, gemstone Charging method: This instrument has a rechargeable battery installed and can be charged by directly connecting to the charger. The charging time is 10-12 hours.
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