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FEELWORLD KBC10 PTZ Camera Controller with Joystick and Keyboard Control PoE Supported Up to Connect 255 Cameras

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Product Description
Low Cost, Multi Camera Live Production with Advanced Broadcast Features
FEELWORLD L2 PLUS is the portable full feature live switching & streaming solution.The large 5.5-inch LCD touch screen make it easy to complete various operations via a finger tapping. You can preview 4 cameras, PST and PGM in real time.L2 PLUS is upgraded from LIVEPRO L1. In addition, it supports PTZ camera control, which can well control the rotation, focus and zoom of the camera.The built-in chroma key function,is perfect for news or on-set presentation work. You can even use it for title overlays by creating graphics to make the live broadcasting more professional.Even the interviews and presentations become easy through the separate mic!
PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller
Simple Multi-camera Control at Your Fingertips
The FEELWORLD PTZ camera controller made for Broadcast, professional video conferencing and live streaming. It can control up to 255 PTZ cameras via LAN or serial interface. Multi-function joystick and intuitive buttons to fast and precise real-time adjustment. It enables you to remotely control the speed of pan, tilt, zoom, and lock moves and incorporates a LCD screen display with real-time status. Supports 12V DC power supply and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
4D Joystick Precise Control
This compact PTZ camera controller is equipped with an ergonomic joystick, allows to precise adjustment for PTZ camera movement and settings , and quickly setting various parameters.
Reasonable Button Layout
Streamlined production at your fingertips
On the panel of KBC10 layout various intuitive operation buttons reasonably, you can quickly various operations and settings.Precise control over variable PTZ speed, red & blue gain, focus, iris, on-screen display, white balance, fast camera switching,quick‐set camera parameters & presets, and many other features. Two custom function buttons (F1 & F2) are customizable in IP VISCA & VISCA protocols and quickly call up the corresponding function . Optimize settings for different shooting scenes. Using combine with joystick, the KBC10 makes it easy to set up and control up to 255 PTZ camera, easily handle any live video production.
Custom Function Button
Two custom function buttons (F1 & F2) of front panel are customizable in IP VISCA & VISCA protocols. Just key in the custom name,and press ENTER button to confirm, then key in VISCA command.
LCD Screen,Real-time Display Working Status
KBC10 comes with a LCD screen display with real-time status, make you know all cameras controlling better, improve efficiency.
Multiple Control and Network Protocols
Completely compatible with any PTZ cameras
KBC10 supports multiple protocols such as IP VISCA, ONVIF, VISCA, PELCO via Ethernet interface and serial interface RS232, RS422 to give you greater freedom in control and settings . At the same time, just only one operator can control multiple PTZ cameras,which reduces production costs while making remote production smoother.
Up to Connect 255 PTZ Cameras
Supports IP VISCA and ONVIF network protocols over Ethernet interface and up to connect 255 PTZ cameras ; Supports VISCA and Pelco-D/P control protocols over serial RS232, RS422 interfaces and up to connect 7 PTZ cameras . When you connect more than 4 cameras, you need to cooperate with CAM key + number key to add.
1200M Remotely Control
When you would like to remotely control for camera, KBC10 can do it. The maximum communication distance is 1200 meters using RS422/RS485 with twisted pair cable, make the remote control easily.
PoE Support
No more pesky wires
The controller supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), just one cable can be used for power, video/audio streaming and control.
Up to 255 Preset Position
KBC10 can set up to 255 preset positions, and quickly call up and switch the camera. Short press the PRESET button to set preset position, long press to delete preset position, both need to work with the number keys and ENTER button. In addition, you can call any preset position via the CALL button, which also needs to work with the number keys and ENTER button.
* Supports multiple control and network protocol, compatible with any PTZ cameras

* LCD screen real-time display working status, improve efficiency

* Reasonable button layout, easily handle any live video production

* 4D Joystick precise speed control

* Custom button setting, more flexible for controlling

* Multiple control connectors, up to connect 255 cameras

* Supports POE (Power over Ethernet)



RS422 (RS485)
1×5 Pin Terminal


Control Protocol
VISCA | Pelco-D | Pelco-P

Network Protocol

Baud Rate(dps)
2400 | 4800 | 9600 | 19200 | 38400 | 115200

LCD Screen

Key Tone

Four dimensions (control: up, down, left, right, zoom, rotation)

WEB upgrade

Other Parameters
Input Voltage
DC 12V

Power Consumption
Maximum: 0.6W



Unit Weight

Unit Size

Outer Carton Qty

Outer Carton Size
46*37*44 cm

Gross Weight
1× Controller
1× Power Adapter
1× User Manual