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Dufrais Express

EDS9800 xrf gold purity testing machine with Si-pin detector

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EDS7700 xrf gold purity testing machine with Si-pin detector

Performance and Configuration
Analysis Range  1ppm to 99.99%
Accuracy  RSD ≤ 0.03%      Au≥90%
Sample Form  Solid, powder, liquid
Tube Voltage 5KV ~ 50KV  (USA)
High Voltage Power Supply  0 ~ 50KV Spellman (USA)
X-Ray Tube Current 0μA~1000μA
Camera HD camera
Filters  Selectable customized switches
Detector Type  Si-pin(USA)
Resolution 145±5eV
Multichannel Analyzer KEY-DMCP
Sample Chamber Size 380 *380 * 60 (mm)
Test Time 10sec ~ 50sec
Measuring Element  All the elements from sodium (Na) to uranium (U)(Au  Ag  Pt  Pd  Ru Rh Os Ir W ect.)
Analysis Software Qualitative and quantitative analysis software
External Dimensions 480 * 480 * 390 (mm)
Weight  38Kg

Instruments Environmental Requirements   

Ambient Temperature -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C (Suggested that in air conditioning room)
Relative Humidity 15% ~ 90%
Power Requirements AC 220V ± 5V, 50/ 60 Hz

No high power electromagnetic and vibration interference sources nearby


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