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DT-3 Upgraded Professional Underground Industrial Metal Detector With Waterproof Search Coil For Treasure Hunter and Gold Finder

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DT-3 Upgraded Professional Underground Metal Detector With Waterproof Search Coil For Treasure Hunter and Gold Detector

Outdoor Application:
Gold finding(Treasure Hunting), desert detection, mili-tary use, safety inspection, archeology and so on.

Product Introduce
The detection accuracy of the DT-3 metal detector is much higher than other detectors on the market. Detection depth up to 10M!
It has an intuitive LCD. The large-size color LCD screen allows you to keep abreast of the detection dynamics at any time. It is
convenient for you to obtain the type, depth, recognition, sensitivity level, working mode, and battery indication of metal
targets. Make your inspections more efficient and less time-consuming.
DT-3 adopts a new upgraded chip, which has better anti-interference ability and more accurate.

Product Feature
Product Name: Underground Metal Detector
Sensitivity adjustment: 0-99 level adjustable
Battery: 9V battery (not included in the package)
Length (adjustable): 1.06-1.5m
Product weight: 1.2KG
Audio conditioning: D class 3
Detection frequency: 12.9HZ
Iron identification cursor: 1-60
Detection Modes: 3 Modes - All Metals & Discrimination & pp Modes
- LCD backlit display - Search coil: 10" (25.4 cm)
-Search depth: 10m
Waterproof Probe Card Size: 12 inches
Working temperature: -20-60℃

Packing list:
Metal detector*1
User Manual*1

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