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Aputure F10 Barndoors 10 inch 8-Leaf Barndoor Fresnel Attachment F10 Zoom Lens for Aputure LS 600d

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The 10"F10 Barndoors for the LS 600d Fresnel AttachmentfromAputureoffer a means to control the 15 to 45° beam spread range of the Fresnel. Simply swing one or more leaves into the beam path to light areas you want and to keep light from areas you don't want illuminated. The 8-leaf design gives even greater control than 4-leaf versions and provides clean cuts of light.
8-Leaf barndoor design
Eight leaves shading, flexible light control, metal material.
Through the eight-leaf adjustable blade, you can realize the changeable light source control, let the light and shadow creation follow your imagination
Combination of light control, more possibilities.
Aputure 10-inch barndoor can be directly mounted on the F10 Fresnel (10-inch Fresnel zoom lens), focusing and controlling the light with one hand.
Portable installationa and quick start
Just through the standard adapter ring, the Aputure 10-inch 8-Leaf barndoor can be quickly installed and locked to the Aputure film and television lamps with Baorong bayonet, such as the Ls 600d pro series.
Metal material, strong and durable
Using metal design, strong and durable, with black powder spraying process, compared with the previous generation of light blocking products, the light blocking ability has been greatly improved.
Main Features
* 8-Leaf barndoor design.

* Drop-inDrop-in latching attachment system latching attachment system.

* Large leaves to sharply cut larger light sources.

* Compatible with the Aputure F10 Fresnel.

* Black reflector dish for sharper shadows.
F10 Barndoors
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