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Dufrais Express

Aputure Barndoors light control accessories large size four leaf shading board honeycomb BarnDoor

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1. Shape your Light

1. A Multi-Functional Light Shaping Tool;
2. Dial-in Brightness. Focus the intensity of your light from 14000lux to a sun-like intensity of 67000lux at 0.5m;
3. Spot and Flood Light. Capable of a Variable Beam Angle from 12-42 degrees of light;
4. Perfect for Macro and High-Speed Photography.

1. Endless Compatibility

1. Modular Design: Front& Back Mounts allow for Stackable Light Shaping Accessories like Grids and Barn Doors;
2. Universal Mount: Perfect not only for the Aputure Light Storm COB120 Series, but also any Bowen-S Mount Light.

1. Rock-Solid Industrial Design

1. Tempered Glass: Formed with a High-Grade Silicon for Long-Lasting Durability;
2. Fiberglass Shell: Both Durable and Effective for Heat-Dissipation.
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