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AKS plus Underground Digital Gold Metal Detector from China Exploration and Exploration Archaeological Treasure Hunter

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Product Description


First, the depth of detection:
1, the maximum detection depth: about 14 meters
2. This instrument can detect at least 3.5 meters for a 5 cm * 5 cm object.
3, a 30 cm * 30 cm object, can detect 5 meters, if the size of the object buried for a long time, can reach 10 meters.
4. If the area of the object is larger, his depth of detection will be deeper.
 Second, the specific function:
It accurately determines the burial position of an object and can be positioned.
It can also rely on a frequency regulator to identify the specific type of metal.

 Third, the use of the transmitter
Power is the power switch button (when the instrument is not used, the switch should not be turned on)
Please select the metal you want to detect according to the metal you want to detect. (Receiver power switch)
Gold (silver) copper (copper) Diam (clay porcelain) Note (can not choose two metals at the same time) otherwise it will damage the instrument, resulting in no warranty.

1. Because of the existence of magnetic storms and solar aurora, this instrument must be debugged for a period of time before normal use. During this time the receiver will continue to receive the signal, but the instrument will not respond. This situation is beyond the control of the big crow, which takes a while to adapt.
2, the instrument is more suitable for field operations, detection in the urban area is susceptible to interference, especially radio waves, so the mobile phone should be turned off before using the instrument.
3. It is not responsible for damage caused by man-made damage or internal parts being replaced.


Technical Parameters:

Search system: microcomputer processor control and reflective conductivity

Search range: 800 meters

Detection depth: 14 meters

Energy source: 12V 1600mAh

Transmission frequency: 5.6--6KHz

Signal frequency: 360--440Hz

Weight: 3.2KG

Detection type: gold, silver, copper, gemstone

Charging method: This instrument has installed rechargeable battery, directly connected to the charger, you can charge, charging time is 10-12 hours. Off. It can be detected by selecting the metal category according to the original of the transmitter.


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