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1.8*2.8m Backdrop Support System Photography Video Lighting Accessories Set Umbrella Softbox Photo Studio Light Kit for Shootin

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Soft light umbrella size: 83cm
Softbox size: 60*60cm
Height of light stand: 2.1m
Minimum height of light stand: 0.76m
Background support height: 2.6m
Background support width: 3m
Background cloth size: 1.8*2.7m
Color temperature: 5500K
Power: 45W
Seat head:E26/E27
Bracket material: iron

* 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System with 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(black, white green), Backdrop stand supports canvas, muslin and paper, suitable for home and professional studio use. the backdrop stand can extend to 8.5 ft in height and 10 ft wide lot’s of room for all kinds of studio shoots. * 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(Black, White and Green), 100% Cotton Muslin seamless background to help absorb the light and eliminate reflection, thick and solid hang down feeling good. NOTE: due to transporting it, the backdrop may has wrinkles, please hung out the backdrop by 1-2 days if necessary, use steam iron to iron the reverse side. * The Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, soften Lighting and set up the light differently depending on what effect. Light stand and bulb holders are flexible, the height of light stand can be adjusted between 2.5ft- 7ft. The angle of the bulb holders can be turned both horizontally and vertically, manually adjust distance between light bulbs & umbrella to get best light. * 24" x 24" Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit, 5500K color temperature is most suitable for studio shooting, portrait lighting and still-photography, Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting, Silver internal face can minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
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